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New malaria vaccine shows long-lasting protection

(From Reuters) An experimental malaria vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline provides African children with long-lasting protection, though its effectiveness declines slightly over time, according to recently published trial data.  Scientists conducting the mid-stage trial at the Kenya Medical Research Institute said results showing the shot offered 46 percent protection for 15 months meant it had "promise as a potential public health intervention against childhood malaria in malaria endemic countries."

New study finds adherence to medicines leads to lower health care costs

new study featured in the January issue of Health Affairs reaffirms the importance of medication adherence to patients’ health and overall treatment costs.  The results of the study indicate that although improved medication adherence by people with four chronic vascular diseases increased pharmacy costs, it also produced substantial medical savings as a result of reductions in hospitalization and emergency department use.

Vaccine link to autism based on falsified data

The controversial study linking the measles mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism was based on falsified data and "manufactured at a London medical school," according to a report in the British Medical Journal.  The investigative report includes a number of findings which suggest that the team at the Royal Free medical school, led by Andrew Wakefield, were not guilty of bad scientific practice but in fact engaged in deliberate fraud.

Google and Microsoft help fight illegal internet pharmacies

Bloomberg reports that Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are helping to establish a nonprofit organization targeting illegal Internet pharmacies in support of Obama administration efforts.  The group is comprised of companies that serve as Internet choke points and was in response to a call from the administration for private efforts to police illegal pharmacies, said Victoria Espinel, the White House intellectual property enforcement coordinator.


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