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Children breathe easier with smoke-free laws

(Reuters Health) - Children with asthma who live in areas with "smoke-free" laws may suffer fewer bouts of coughing and wheezing as a result, a new study suggests.

The findings, reported in the journal Pediatrics, add to evidence that smoking bans in workplaces, restaurants and bars have produced health benefits. But until now, most research has focused on adults.

Lower education level tied to heart failure risk

A recent report from Reuters Health highlights results from a new study which found that the less education people have, the greater their risk of eventually developing chronic heart failure.

Researchers say lower education levels are basically a stand-in for people's overall economic condition, and that their findings add to evidence connecting poverty to heart disease.

GAVI offers new opportunity to apply for life-saving vaccines

The GAVI Alliance has issued a new call for applications from developing countries keen to protect more of their children from disease with new vaccines.

Studies have shown that immunisation not only saves lives, but also boosts economies, acting as a key driver of development.3  Increasing immunisation rates is vital to meet the health Millennium Development Goals, particularly MDG 4 on reducing child mortality.

WHO calls for better monitoring of anti-malarial drugs

According to the UN, only 34 per cent of countries with endemic malaria are complying with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations to routinely monitor anti-malarial medicines.

The WHO's “Global report on anti-malarial drug efficacy and drug resistance: 2000-2010” calls on countries to be more vigilant in drug monitoring to allow for earlier detection of resistance to anti-malarial treatments.


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